Your app Huff n' Puff doesn't work

Since Huff n' Puff uses a microphone to recognise whether you're blowing onto the iPad or not, it requires microphone access in order to play.

In iOS 7 you will be asked to give the app microphone access. If you decided not to, or accidentally denied the access, you will get stuck on the welcome screen with a sad message from our pet Dotty.

To fix this situation, you can either reinstall the app and allow microphone access when asked again (see 'General tips' article to learn how to reinstall apps), or you can follow the instructions below:

1) Go to the 'Settings' app
2) Choose the 'Privacy' tab from menu
3) Choose 'Microphone' from the Privacy tab
4) Find Huff n' Puff on the app list and switch the slider so that it's green or says 'ON'
5) Go back to the app and have fun!

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